Japanese gold thread zilver per 20 meter

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Soft gold is the commodity that the sterling silver rather than gold leaf this was colored gold.
Soft texture with a sterling silver, gloss with a transparent feeling is characterized.

The original fabric of soft gold, I use a transparent polyester film was vacuum deposited sterling silver.
I will continue to color the stain paint on the transparent polyester film.
Because the coloring you are taking a method called "undercoat coloring", the surface of the gold will be the film plane.
This coloring method, I am increasing the fastness of friction and light.

The original fabric of soft gold raw was thin cut, we will make a yarn dipped twisted core yarn.
Polyester yarn, rayon yarn to mainly thin count the core yarn, the thick count I am using rayon yarn and staple yarn.

■ soft gold your Notes

Because you are using sterling silver, by touching the sulfur content and excessive oxygen, there is a possibility that the black discoloration (burning) occurs. Measures of coating for discoloration prevention we have applied, but please note in advance.
In addition, hot and humid place to store, Please avoid such excessive use of such insect repellent.



nr. 1 is the thinest size, of approximately 0,2 tot 0,3 mm

nr. 4 is the thinest size, of approximately 0,4 tot 0,5 mm

nr. 8 is the thinest size, of approximately 0,7 tot 0,8 mm.


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