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fil a gant - fil au chinois

copy of fil a gant - fil au chinois


fil-a-gant is the best thread to use for beads and sequins. The thread is very thin and strong. Originally it was used to make gloves (gant) so it is very strong. It is made of 100% cotton and waxed. 150m per bobbin

fil au chinois metallic


The n°40 metallic thread is for hand or machine stitching. It is made from a thin gimped metalloplastic strip. Metalloplastic signifies that it is not made of metal, but a metal-like material. A gimped thread is made of one thread wound around another in a coil. On this thread, the coil is so tightly wound that there is no space between the coils, which is why it remains intact, even when used on a machine. 100 m. per bobbin.