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fil au chinois metallic


The n°40 metallic thread is for hand or machine stitching. It is made from a thin gimped metalloplastic strip. Metalloplastic signifies that it is not made of metal, but a metal-like material. A gimped thread is made of one thread wound around another in a coil. On this thread, the coil is so tightly wound that there is no space between the coils, which is why it remains intact, even when used on a machine. 100 m. per bobbin.

Silk ribon 4mm

Silk ribon 4mm


Silk ribbon is a wonderful addition to many textile techniques. They are still made from pure filament silk. The ribbons are woven, i.e. they have a selfedge and does not fray so quickly when using it.

4mm x 3m 

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Soie D'alger Painters Threads


Seven ply stranded thread, i.e. the thread consists of 7 single strands of spun silk, that have been loosely twisted. It is easy to pull out each strand individually. The shine is rather dull. It is spun of short silk fibres and relatively "elastic" and will easily lay flat on the fabric. The single thread is slightly thicker than the more well-known stranded cotton, but much softer and more “fluffy". It creates a very smooth surface.


Stranded Cotton Painters Threads


Probably the most well known embroidery thread. It is a 6ply thread, strandable and has a beautiful sheen. The basic material is Finca® Mouliné made by Presencia Hilaturas in Valencia®. The needle you should use is subject to the number of plies and the technique you are using(embroidery #1-10, tapestry #18-28).

  • skein 10m / 10.9yd
Japanese gold thread

Imitation Japanese gold thread per 20 meter


Japanese gold thread, for passing work. This is imitation thread, which means, a plastic film is covered with silver and wrapped around a rayon thread. This looks very much like the real japanese gold thread, but is much cheaper

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Cocoon Sheet 10 gr. Painters Threads


A Cocoon Sheet is produced on a special machine for the production of mesh fabrics made of silk cocoons. The sheet consists of individual layers, which can be easily pulled apart. They show the typical diamond structure of all silk products and give handmade silk paper a compleetly new, beautiful structure. The fiber content is higher than that of Hankies, the fibers can be spun or felted with the needle (hand or machine), which makes the beautiful character of the Painter's Threads colors particularly effective! In wet felting, they can be used together with wool.