Metalic yarn

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  • fil au chinois metallic


    The n°40 metallic thread is for hand or machine stitching. It is made from a thin gimped metalloplastic strip. Metalloplastic signifies that it is not made of metal, but a metal-like material. A gimped thread is made of one thread wound around another in a coil. On this thread, the coil is so tightly wound that there is no space between the coils, which is why it remains intact, even when used on a machine. 100 m. per bobbin.

  • Imitation Japanese...


    Japanese gold thread, for passing work. This is imitation thread, which means, a plastic film is covered with silver and wrapped around a rayon thread. This looks very much like the real japanese gold thread, but is much cheaper

  • Genuine japanese gold...


    Genuine Japanes gold thread, or passing, this thread is manufactured by covering paper with a very thin film of real gold. This golden paper is then wrapped around a silk core thread. This has been imported directly from Japan and is of very high quality.

  • Japanese gold thread...


    Japanese gold thread silver color, for passing work. This is the silver color version which means paper is covered with sterling silver and wrapped around a rayon thread. Because sterling silver is used the thread may tarnisch.

    approximately 20m

  • Lumina DMC


    This yarn was originally meant as a crochet or knitted yarn. It is a crocheted yarn, with a whole lot of yarn.

    It is very durable, does not discolour quickly and retains its gloss.

  • Metallic Twist...


    A great all-rounder among the metallic threads. One or more plies used as a blending filament shows off the random colours with a very tender effect; providing a special accent for any embroidery.4 plies or more are strong enough to be worked with on their own. Their subtle sparkling appearance putting the embroidered area in a very special light. Use all plies for couching, include it in your felting piece, twist it into beautiful cords, add a special effect to your silk paper (instant as well as regular) and it can of course be used for any embroidery stitch

    skein 5m

  • tressee Braided...


    A braided small band made of metallics, much easier to use than the plain thread. It is relatively strong and does not fray so easily in the needle. For size #4 (= 4 braided strands of metallics) use an embroidery needle #3 or a tapestry needle #22 and a thread not longer than 45cm. For size 8 (= 8 braided strands of metallics) an embroidery needle #3, yarn darner #18 or a Tapestry/Chenille Needle # 18 verwenden. Applicable for all counted thread and surface embroidery techniques, equivalent to Kreinik's braided.

    10meter skein

  • Tressée nr. 8


    This is a soft and very strong thread. Perfect for every needlework or craft manner. The yarn is spun with a beautiful metallic shiny thread.

    35% Polyester

    65% Cupro Bemberg

    10 meter per card.

    Usually you will receive the yarn on a card, but the yarn may also be delivered on a bobin.