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Clover Kantan tambour beading latch needle. 1.6mm
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Clover Kantan tambour beading latch needle. 1.6mm


Because of the small latch on this needle you do not hav eto turn your needle while making your chain stitch. The latch ensures that your needle won't get stuck in your fabric. This needle does leave a larger hole in you fabric.

includes: holder, latch needle and storage box. 

Luneville hook without holder

Luneville hook long without holder


This is a long needle size 80 used for Indian embroidery. In stead of stringing the beads to the yarn, you string them on your needle and drop them one by one on the loop of your chain stitch.

Fits holder nr. 200

Hoop and frame

Hoop and frame


Frame and hoop all in one. This ring allows you to directly as well as hoop to use, but then you can work in the ring with the ring and all if sierkader and hang up.

Plastic, wood-look.