Golden Monkey 809 Brush Cartridge pen

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This brush pen has a cartridge that you can fill with your own ink! So you can endlessly combine with colors and inks.

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samenstelling Siingle
Type brush Zachter
Drukt door in journal bijbel Gebruik met primer, zoals gesso of medium gel
Soort Golden Monkey 809 Brush Cartridge pen
Color group Black

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How do you fill this pen?
The Golden Monkey pen turn from each other. The ‘stuffing’ has a kind of knijpveertje. In the head of the pin is a hole. By the head of the pen in the inkwell to dip and at the same time, the knijpveertje key, you pump the cartridge full.
You will see that if you take the pen in the inkwell, but the feather squeezing, to get the remaining ink out of squeezes.
You can use the ink to remove, by doing the same with the filling, but then in the water. You leave a little water behind. By dry to squeeze, blow the pen the remaining water out.